There are five (5) core objectives of Kappa Alpha Psi:

  1. To unite college men of culture, patriotism, and honor, in a bond of fraternity.
  2. Encourage honorable Achievement in every field of human endeavor.
  3. To promote spiritual, social, intellectual, and moral welfare of its members.
  4. To assist in the aims and purposes of colleges and universities.
  5. To inspire service in the public interest.

From these objectives we perceive that Kappa Alpha Psi is not just another social fraternity. The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi as envisioned and verbalized by the founding fathers gives this organization its unique and distinguished aspects. They sought to “shape a group personality unique in the annals of College Greek letter organizations around the ideal of achievement.”

In early years, the concept of ACHIEVEMENT was mainly concerned with the improvement of personal status and security, and the meeting of the everyday demands of living. This was at a time when the hopes of a people were dim. Their social and economic life was warped by the elementary grades. Baccalaureate degrees were rarities, and graduate degrees were almost non-existent.

This concept of achievement has undergone enlargement over the years. Social disease has lessened. Economic opportunity has bettered. The striving of a people is being increasingly rewarded. High school graduation, craft training and college degrees through the doctorate level are on the uptrend, although at a tempo incommensurate with opportunities. Kappa Alpha Psi, the name that is rooted in achievement, now assumes a position of leadership in the acceleration of preparedness for present and future offerings. Whatever is done must be done well and in accordance with the highest possible standards.